It’s them against you! Your heart’s racing, your mouth is dry, your hands are sweating and you suddenly realize that this is life or death! The “safe moves” won’t cut it out on the streets….

6:48 am Thursday December 2, 2021

From: Jeff Anderson
Executive Director, Warrior Life

Look, my friend…

I’m not going to waste your time with a bunch of garbage about “why self defense is important” and all that. You should already know that it’s everyone’s right and responsibility to be able to protect themselves and those they love.

You’re here because you want something more, right?

You’re here because you want real-life, no-holds-barred street fighting techniques that are designed to break, crush and maim your attackers. You want the details on “dirty” street fighting techniques that are made for survival – and may even save your life.

None of this “twist your foot this way” or “move your wrist an extra half inch” crap that anybody can spout off in some kind of “karate 101” book. The common street criminal knows that he doesn’t need to be a 10th degree black belt to kick the living snot out of “Average Joe Citizen”.

He knows this because while you are walking around confident in your own safety and security, he’s bloodying his knuckles in real street combat! That means that…

…unless you’ve served hard time or been locked in real hand-to-hand combat in a war zone, you’re at a severe disadvantage in a real street fight! Until now! Because…

What I’m About to Show You is Designed to Slaughter Your Opponent. Not Stun, Not Knock Down – But Brutally Decimate Them!

But Wait! Before You Continue Reading...

…I just need you to promise me one thing. That is – that you’ll only use what I’m about to show you to defend yourself WHEN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

These moves are designed to cripple, maim and possibly even kill an attacker. This is precisely why they’re not allowed in any sport fighting or cage fighting match. They’re that dangerous and that effective.

And that’s exactly why you need to have them “under your belt”. Because these moves could be all that’s standing between you and some tattooed street thug who wants to rip you limb from limb.

Please don’t take what I just said lightly.

Both as a self defense expert, decorated combat veteran, and a security professional, I’ve stopped counting the number of situations I’ve seen where the “unexpected” happens and “good guys” and their families are made victims…simply because they weren’t prepared!

If you’re like me and take your role as a “Protector” seriously, then I don’t want YOU to stop where so many other people do! You see…

WANTING To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones Is One Thing - Knowing HOW To Be A "Protector" When You're Unarmed & Outnumbered Is Another!

And it doesn’t even matter if you think you “know how to fight” or think you’re big and tough enough to handle yourself if you ever come face-to-face with a real street fight, burglar, home invader, or just pissed off parking lot bully.

As a decorated combat veteran, former bodyguard, and security professional, I’ve seen experienced fighters fall prey to relying on what they thought were hardcore self defense techniques they’d drilled over and over again in their local martial arts school.

But in the heat of battle, all those fancy moves were laughed at by “untrained” scumbags who didn’t see the need to fight by the same rules. That’s why I decided to take matters into my own hands and show you the secrets that are only known by hardened gangbangers, prison inmates, and a handful of “dangerous men” that may or may not be trained by our very own government.

It’s called "Street Fighting Uncaged"...

…and it combines every technique, every move and every strategy you’ll ever need to know to help destroy your opponent in a real life street fight.

Even martial arts contests and cage fighting matches have made these moves illegal because they understand just how easily they can critically injure a fighter. I’m not going to sugar-coat it – these moves are devastating, and they’re exactly the moves you’ll want to know when you’re suddenly jumped by a horde of gang members or your loved ones are scared for their lives.

When it comes down to it – sometimes, the only thing standing between you and survival are your street smarts.

Let’s face it, all those “safe moves” like throws and holds that you learned at the martial arts class at the YMCA aren’t going to help you one bit in a real life encounter. Your training partner, who lets you get in a few solid grabs, throws or punches isn’t going to be there to test your strength.

Instead, you’re surrounded by three big, bulky guys intent on robbing and possibly killing you. They’re not going to let you “get in” any “good moves”. With “Street Fighting Uncaged”, you’ll get all the crucial moves and step-by-step techniques you need to fend off virtually any attack – even if you’re outnumbered!

No expensive classes…no hours and hours in front of a mirror “punching the air”…and no bowing, rituals, or special equipment!

In Fact, You Can Even Walk Through These Techniques ON YOUR OWN To Quickly Master Fight-Ending Moves Like:

How to "trick" your attacker into opening up his most vulnerable targets, practically begging you to take him out with one single strike! (He won't even know he's being set up...and won't see his mistake until he's lying on his back in sheer agony!) Page 19

Rip your opponent to shreds in close quarters combat! You'll have complete control over his body once you combine this simple hand movement with a nearby wall to break bones, cause concussions and render your attacker helpless. Page 44

Become a bare-knuckled brawler! Cushioning your hands with padding and gloves doesn’t work on the street. Discover the "knockout tecnique" that's proven countless times (in bars and real street combat!) to be more effective than your heaviest haymaker at dropping an opponent to the ground like a bag of dirt. Pages 23-24

How to "drill" into soft tissue spots like an oil rigger to cause instant and uncontrollable panic in your attacker and shut down his ability to fight! Page 27

A 3-inch "hidden-in-plain-sight" target that no one - not even elite spec ops soldiers - recognize as one of the most debilitating spots on the human body! (Yet the one simple move I'll show you on pages 29-30 is so easy to pull off that even a 6-year old little girl could leave an attacker in a bloody mess, screaming in pain! No hype!)

A strange "split-second/instant pain" move that requires absolutely no skill or practice to master...and works even BETTER against bigger attackers with some meat on their bones! (You can even test it on YOURSELF!) Pages 42-43

And That's Just The Beginning!

These Moves Aren’t Difficult And
You’ll Be Amazed As You Find Yourself
Quickly Mastering Them...Practically OVERNIGHT!

Sometimes the most powerful moves are also the simplest. That’s why, in addition to learning what moves to perform, you’ll also get “fast track” drills you can even practice alone and shock yourself in how easily these powerful tricks are literally programmed into your “muscle memory” like a computer…ready to come to your aid in an instant should you ever find yourself in a “do-or-die” street fight!

You’ll even find that in “Street Fighting Uncaged”, every step is fully illustrated with easy to follow pictures that show the same moves being performed step by step. This means you get the knowledge, examples and drills you need to truly pummel your opponent into submission.

This Is Truly Where "Sport" Ends...
And Life-Saving Street Tactics BEGIN!

Like THESE Dirty, Vicious & Devastatingly Effective Tactics...

How to use a street thug's head like a bowling ball to overwhelm his central nervous system and throw him like a ragdoll over a table, chair, or into his buddies who are running to answer his screams of pain! Pages 27-28

The convenient "handle" on your attacker's body (no, it's not his "package"!) that gives you instant leverage to drag him to the ground or throw him 30 feet in any direction you want! (This little "trick" even works when your attacker is straddling you on the ground and pounding away at your head from high above! Nasty!) Pages 72-73

The "ripping technique" that's as easy as opening a bag of potato chips...but will make everyone watching turn their heads in shock (including your opponent's friends who may be thinking of jumping in to join the fight)! Pages 46-47

How to deliver an "under the radar" crushing blow so quickly and efficiently that it will ruthlessly dislocate joints and tear ligaments so that you can tear into the next assailant or escape with your life. Page 33

Make their muscles work AGAINST them! Big, beefy guys with a chip on their shoulder love to throw all their upper body strength at you with this common attack. I’ll show you how to disable them immediately with an old school British "gutter brawl" move that will leave them howling in pain! Pages 25-26

How to "short-circuit" a kick before it gains the speed and power to slice you in half – You can stomp right on their strategy and keep them from using their most powerful moves with the right kinds of counter attacks! Pages 35-37

Devastate their most vulnerable areas – I’m not just talking about the groin – with gut-wrenching power! Discover where these "high value targets" are and exactly what moves can take your opponent out...FAST!

I hope you now see that this is NOT your typical “Hong Kong Phooey Book Of Kung Fu”!

So if you planned on finding a nice little “how-to” book for little Johnny to learn some “confidence builders”, you’re in the wrong place!

We’re talking straight up “life or death” combat strategies that deal with real world violence when it reaches out and slaps you across the face! In fact…

Most Martial Arts Books Stop Right Here – Overlooking One Crucial Piece of the Self Defense Puzzle...

...The Mental Game!

The truth is, self defense is about more than just knowing the right moves for different situations. It’s also very much a mental game, and being prepared can often subvert an attack before it ever takes place. Having the proper emotional balance and psychological weapons will also give you a sustainable advantage while in the heart of the fight.

That’s why, as part of your order of “Street Fighting Uncaged” today, I’m also going to throw in (for FREE!) my best selling “mental warfare” program:

Free Bonus #1: Killer Instinct!
(Instant PDF Download)

The Key to Dominating Your Attacker Using Sheer Mental Willpower

“Survival mindset training” is about more than just keeping a cool head when threatened. It’s about leveraging your body’s natural state of heightened awareness and focusing on the situation at hand to use every means available to your benefit.

By mastering the core psychological survival triggers that are present in every single human being on the face of this planet – no matter how old, skilled or smart – you will be able to:

Control Fear with Anchored Aggression – Go on, try to be angry and afraid at the same time. You can’t because it’s physically impossible. Even in the most overwhelming situation, when the odds are stacked against you, you can appear more intimidating and react stronger and faster than before (thank your caveman ancestors for that!)

Remain Focused and Make Smart Moves – Working yourself up into an angry, venom-spitting rage means you only see red, and like an angry bull, charge ahead without looking. Discover how to put your mind into a state of mind that’s detached, objective and free thinking – while your opponent wears himself down with huge doses of adrenaline flooding his system.

Overcome Your Fear of Being Attacked – Physical confrontation can wear away at the confidence of even the best fighter. If you’re worried about your safety or the safety of those you love, learning how to accurately gauge and control your fear response to a confrontation can spell the difference between life and death.

Reprogram Your Neurological Responses – The brain does funny things in a fight, but all of them are made to maximize your survival. Reprogramming your body to respond differently to certain stimuli is a core facet of military training with its roots in war. The best part is, anyone can learn this – and you don’t even have to go through boot camp.

If you’ve read this far looking for the cost – you should really be asking yourself a more important question…

How Much Money Would You Pay To Answer The Cries Of Someone You Love Who's Been Brutally Ripped Away From You By A Sadistic Predator...

... As YOU Lay On The Ground - HELPLESS?

That’s not a sarcastic question…it’s for real!

If you were out running some errands tonight with your girlfriend, wife, or kid and were suddenly and unexpectedly attacked…could you live with yourself if you had knew you had this opportunity to quickly and easily master the kind of gut-churning close combat skills that could have saved them but didn’t take advantage of it?

Call it “scare tactics” or whatever you want…it’s a fact and you know it!

The sad truth is that when someone you love is savagely attacked or dies at the hands of brutal predator, no money in the world can bring them back!

Your ONLY answer is to do all you can to prepare yourself NOW so that if you’re the only thing standing between a vicious attacker and your loved ones cringing in terror behind you, you know deep down inside that you’re armed with the vicious “quick kill” tactics needed to get you and those you protect out of danger’s way!

But don’t make the mistake in thinking that I ask you this just to smugly plunk down some outrageous price – because I believe you should get MORE than what you pay for, and I believe you can learn to defend yourself with real-life street fighting techniques for less than the cost of a typical self defense class.

That’s why I’m not charging hundreds of dollars like many other self defense courses out there. Instead, you’ll be getting direct, tried-and-true, street-proven moves that you can put to use IMMEDIATELY for just $27.

You’ll get “Street Fighting Uncaged” along with practice drills and fully-illustrated steps to performing each move, as well as the Survival Mindset guide immediately ready for download when you click the button below. Your payment will be submitted securely and your credit card information will remain private and confidential at all times.

Free Bonus #2: No Rules!
(Instant mp3 Audio Download)

($37 Value - FREE!)

You can never have enough “dirty tricks” up your sleeve when your life is on the line!

So I called up my co-author, Richie Grannon, to drill him on even MORE vicious street tactics that the “Average Joe” can pull out when faced with a violent attack and no way to escape!

These are hot tips straight from the most dangerous pubs in the U.K. (Richie even had to leave the country for a few years to escape a mob boss’s wrath after Richie annihilated his son in a Liverpool nightclub)!

No “theory” or Hollywood hocus pocus…just the simple-yet-devastating “self defense tricks” any bloke can pull off in an instant and walk away the victor!

Free Bonus #3: On Sheep, Sheepdogs and WOLVES!
(Instant PDF Download)

($17 Value - FREE!)

From the author of “On Killing” comes this Special Report that digs deep into the psychological differences between victims, predators…and protectors!

Unlock your own hidden powers to “read the enemy” and prepare yourself mentally for the harsh reality of the quiet violence that lies in wait…and catches too many unsuspecting men and women off guard!

Free Bonus #4: Ground Combat!
(Instant mp3 Audio Download)

Defeat Any Attacker On The Ground!

($37 Value - FREE!)

Most fights end up in a tiring wrestling match on the ground as two fighters grab on and lose their balance.

Unfortunately, the ground is the LAST place you want to be in a real fight!

This powerful audio program will hand you an arsenal of extreme survival “ground weapons” that will devastate any attacker who tries to tackle, trip or drag you to the ground in the hopes of pounding your head into the pavement! MUST HAVE information for the “total warrior”!

Look at it this way, $27 is a small price to pay for the crushing, bone-breaking moves you’ll be learning and the raw psychological skills you’ll be gaining. It’s a “one-two punch” of physical and mental firepower wrapped up in one complete self defense guide.

Buy Securely Online – Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with My Full 100% Money Back Guarantee

Just in case you’re not completely convinced that this will be the most practical, easy to follow self defense guide you’ve ever purchased, I want you to know something. I’m not here to “take the money and run”. I’ve spent almost my entire life training with pros and real life street fighters to give you the insights you won’t get from any martial arts book or MMA class.

I’m not even asking you to make a decision today as to whether or not this information is truly worth it. To be honest, I hope you NEVER have to use these moves. But if you do, I want you to feel truly confident that you can take down any opponent with them. You can even take two full months to try out what you’ve learned. Spar with your partner and really take them off their feet!

If for any reason you aren’t happy with the results, I want to know about it. Simply contact me anytime within the first two months for a complete refund. You can even keep the Survival Mindset guide free of charge as my gift to you to help you become more mentally prepared for a confrontation. I just hope that it’s enough to protect you when things get worse!

It’s your move. Make sure it counts.
Here’s to protecting yourself and those you love,

Jeff Anderson

P.S: I’m uncovering the ruthless, illegal and downright deadly moves that even the strongest cage fighters won’t touch! This is pure, raw and uncompromising self defense at its best, for when you’re up against society at its worst. Don’t become a victim. Don’t “play fair”! You don’t have to be a victim.
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